Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Praying for Stellan

If you are a blogger then you are already aware of how blogging can make the whole world seem smaller. People that you may never meet or may have never even been interested in knowing can become virtual pals for you. You suddenly discover that there are loads of other people out there with the same struggles, hobbies, faith, etc... that you have. It's one of the reasons I love to read blogs and one of the reasons I have started my own blog.

One of the blogs that I love to read is My Charming Kids . It's a blog written by a mother about the ins and outs of her life with her husband and four children. She is an amazing photographer and, more importantly, an amazing Christian. Her youngest son, Stellan, has walked a tough road. He is a miracle. Right now, Stellan isn't doing so well. So, you may have noticed a I have a new button on my blog. It's a "Praying for Stellan" button. It's there to remind me to pray for this poor little boy and his amazing Mother. To remind me to thank God every day for my beautiful healthy children. To remind me that being a Christian isn't always easy. So, when you pray, please remember Stellan and offer up a small prayer for his well being.


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