Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Even the best laid plans...

So, I came into summer 2012 with a picture of how things would/should play out.  I was going to be on top of things.  We would get lots of school type stuff done.  The kids would spend time doing their math drills, reviewing spelling words and reading.  I firmly believe that taking extended periods away from school doesn't do anyone any favors.  I have seen firsthand with my own children how long vacations can derail the best laid school plans.  I was certain that we would stay on top of things and our summer would go according to my schedule.  Wrong!

Summer 2012 has been going by in a blur!  We have spent very little time doing any formal schooling.  The only school type activity the kids have been doing is reading.  Everything else, all my good intentions, have fallen by the wayside. 

Instead, we have been going to dance class and practicing our dance moves.  We have been swimming in our new pool nearly every day.  We have giggled through movies.  We have been visiting the library and coming home with new treasures.  We have been staying up late and catching fireflies.  We have been riding our bikes.  We have been playing at the park.  We have been buying ice cream from the ice cream truck.  We have been working on potty training.  We have been watching a cute little baby learn to walk.  We have been decorating bedrooms.  We have been living!

I do feel a tad bit sad that we haven't been as disciplined with our learning as I had hoped.  I wish we were doing daily math drills.  I wish the girls were working to improve their spelling and writing skills.  However, I am enjoying watching my kids be kids.  They are building memories and relationships with each other and I keep reminding myself that there is value in that too.  :)