Friday, July 31, 2009

Noah ~ 6 months

Noah smiling on his 6mo. birthday.

My one and only baby boy celebrated his half birthday on Wednesday! These last six months have flown by and I simply can't believe that Noah is that much closer to age one! So, without further is what Noah is up to at six months of age.

~ He weighs around 17 or 18 pounds (my best guesstimate, he actually goes to the doctor next week).

~ He is I have no idea how long. I did try to measure him but he was too wiggly. I will have to wait and find out next week at the doctor's office.

~ He takes two to three good naps each day lasting anywhere from one hour to three.

~ He still doesn't sleep through the night and would love to nurse every hour if he had his way.

~ He is finally doing better at eating baby food. He now eats one and a half to two jars per day. Mealtime is usually around noon and again around six.

Noah's first taste of bananas.

~ He eats applesauce and bananas but dislikes cereal. We haven't tried any veggies yet.

~ He is sitting up on his own with only the occasional tumble backwards.

~ He wiggles quite a bit during tummy time in some sort of wormlike fashion.

~ He enjoys spending time in his exersaucer, highchair and Mommy's lap. He is also a big fan of the Baby Bjorn.

~ He refuses to take a bottle of any type despite our best efforts, so for the time being I a limited on my time away from home.

~ He is totally spoiled by all three of his big sisters and Mommy. Daddy is somehow better able to resist that baby charm.

~ He enjoys watching other children play, however, too much noise and he starts to fuss.

~ He is a terrible shopper...I pity his future wife.

~ He hates to ride in the stroller and lets everyone know it. He spends most outings being carried around in the Baby Bjorn.
~ He is a thumb sucker and uses it to soothe himself to sleep and to signify the end of a meal.

Noah always sucks his thumb to end a meal.

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