Thursday, April 8, 2010


I haven't been blogging much. Mainly because I have been busy with life. Raising and educating four children takes most of my time. However, I do find snippets of time here and there to check some projects off my long list.

Recently, we did a little something fun in our kitchen. We have been needing a place to keep track of the weekly schedule so we transformed this:

Into this:

It's perfect and exactly what we needed! Now I can jot down our weekly schedule and we always know, with a quick glance, what we have going on. It's particularly useful when you have six people to keep track of.

While we had the chalkboard paint out, we went ahead and painted a chalkboard in the school room. The girls love it!

I have also been meaning to come up with something to keep the girls' many bows and clips better organized. So, I made these:

Super easy and super cheap! Perfect! Now, I no longer have to dig through little baskets searching for the perfect hair clip. I actually need to make another one because there are still many bows and clips that just wouldn't fit on these two. Yikes!

So, I managed to knock out a few projects this month. Of course, that only leaves about five hundred yet to complete!

Best Daddy Ever!

This post is a little late...ok, more than a little. However, it's too cute not to share. On Valentine's Day my husband was the best Daddy ever! He not only brought flowers home for his amazing, beautiful, incredible (too much?) wife. He also brought home a dozen roses for each of his charming daughters.

How did I get so lucky?