Monday, August 26, 2013


I don't consider myself a total girly girl.  I am not adept at the application of make-up.  I don't own many dresses nor do I loose my mind over shoes.  I am not afraid to get dirty and most bugs don't phase me.  However, I adore the color pink.  I love romantic movies and books.  I like to shop for clothes.  I like to consider myself a nice blend of girly girl and a touch of tom boy. 

I have been blessed with four daughters.  Four little females that all have their own unique personalities and interests.  Annie is more tom boy than girly girl.  Lily is like her Mom, a good blend of both.  Claire is still too little to swing one way or the other.  Megan, however, is all girly girl.  She loves all things pink and glittery.  Her closet is full of dresses and nightgowns.  She has an entire make-up kit that gets brought out daily and her jewelry box is full to the brim. 

When Megan was four I signed her up for soccer.  I should have known better.  Soccer involved getting sweaty and mingling with boys.  At age four Megan detested boys.  She acted like they were a plague on the earth.  *Side note, this attitude about boys lasted for several years.  When I was pregnant with my 4th child and we found out it was going to be a boy, Megan cried.  Real honest to goodness tears that we would be bringing a boy into this world.* was a disaster.  Megan refused to participate and would stand on the field with her arms crossed over her chest.  She wouldn't participate in the drills and she would not touch the soccer ball.  In one of my more brilliant moves, I bribed her to play soccer with a fancy as all get out jersey.  The team colors were red and black.  Megan hated them.  So, I broke out my glue gun and glitter and transformed that jersey into something any little girly girl would be proud to wear.  It worked, sort of.  Megan did more than just stand on the field with her arms crossed.  She ran a bit and even kicked the ball once or twice.  Of course, that was until one of her shoes came off during a game and she got grass on her sock.  At that point I pretty much gave up. 

Fast forward a few years and I signed Megan up for her first ballet class.  She loved it!  She got to dress up in a pink leotard, wear a little pink skirt and pink ballet slippers.  Her teacher was gentle and kind with a soft voice.  Megan was on cloud nine.  She danced the entire summer.  Twirled around the house when she wasn't in class and practiced ballet positions using the deck rail as a bar.  It was adorable.  She had found her niche.  Summer ended and we tried to find another dance class to sign her up for.  We tried for several months and never found the perfect place for my gentle little girl. 

Summer was upon us again and Megan once again signed up to take dance class from that same wonderful instructor.  She loved dancing the entire summer.  Her recital was a couple of weeks ago.  She looked beautiful and was thrilled with the roses presented by her Daddy when she was finished. 

Thankfully, her wonderful instructor is teaching ballet at a local homeschool co-op this school year.  So, Megan will get to continue dancing through the school year.  She had her first class this past week and she was over the moon.  I am so happy that I was able to find something that Megan could be passionate about and I hope she continues to enjoy dance.

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