Monday, August 26, 2013

The Kentucky State Fair

I grew up going to my local town fair.  It was the first week in August every year and I looked forward to it all year.  I have so many memories of the fair.  I remember the goldfish I won, the funnel cakes, the sound of country music filling the air mingled with the screams and laughter of children on the rides.  I remember throwing up on my neighbor after riding the swings for the 10th time in one evening. 

The Kentucky State Fair was last week.  Carlos and I remortgaged our house so we could take our family of seven.  Joking about the remortgaging part but not joking about the cost.  Good grief it was expensive!  The entry fee, the parking, the ride tickets, the games, the food, the souvenirs.....  It was hot and muggy the day we went.  Standing on the pavement watching the kids ride on carnival rides was pure torture.  I was so sweaty and sticky by the time we got home and my shower felt pretty close to nirvana.  Carlos swears he never wants to go again.  It was exhausting.


The kids had the time of their lives!  Those smiles are priceless.  The money was well spent and the exhaustion and sweat were worth it just to see them light up.  I would wager that we will do it all again next year. 

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