Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking forward to Fall!

Can I just express how happy I am to turn around and wave "goodbye" to summer? I am. I have become cranky in my old age and the heat doesn't help matters. I just don't like to sweat. This summer was particularly awful. The heat and humidity kept us inside for the majority of the season. We made it to the park about three times. Thank goodness for Target and the library or we would never have left the house at all!

Add a few family issues and many bouts of illness and I am just over it! We are currently battling yet another round of sickness in our house. It's an odd combo of various things that point to no particular cause. Lily, Noah and myself had some sort of stomach virus that left us unwilling to eat and curled up on the couch. Megan is now suffering from some sort of cold/virus. She has spent the last two days with a high fever, sore throat and runny nose. Annie and Carlos are the only family members who have remained healthy, although I imagine they will be knocked flat this holiday weekend.

So, I know that it's not technically Fall and won't be for most of the month. However, I can now see a light at the end of the miserable Summer tunnel and that brings a slight smile to my face. I am looking forward to cool, crisp days where we can play at the park. I am looking forward to Lily going to preschool! It will be good for all of us. I am looking forward to my Mom's visit at the end of the month. We have plans to go apple picking and try our hand at making homemade apple sauce! All in all I will be happy to turn around and wave "buh-bye" to the Summer of 2010.


  1. I'm with you completely on saying adios to the summer. I love fall anyway, but after an awful summer like we've had I'm especially excited to see cooler temps!

  2. "I have become cranky in my old age" -- Oh my goodness, you have no idea how many times I've said that very same thing about myself! :-) Too funny!!

    I'm with you on the happy farewell to summer. Yuck! Good riddance to the past three miserable months!

    Last year I wrote on my blog about how I felt like I hadn't "earned" Fall because the summer had been so mild and pleasant. Well, I can definitely say that this year... we've ALL earned every bit of crisp, cool weather that Fall has to offer!!

  3. I'm ready for some fall weather around here.. But I know I can keep holding for a while! :) I cannot believe that story about your daughter's lip!! At least you didn't have to struggle too much with the thumb. I am soooo dreading it!!