Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What has been keeping me busy....

We did a little camping. It was our first camping trip with the entire family! Overall, we did pretty well. It was fun and we have a lot of fun stories we will treasure.

Our church, Southeast Christian, hosted a week long event that featured various musical acts and speakers. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to go and listen to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar speak. They are really an amazing couple. I felt so inspired after hearing them.

We did some hiking while we were camping. Noah enjoyed his ride.

We are making a chicken into a mummy for our Egyptian studies. It's been an interesting and long process. I am guessing you won't find kids doing this in public schools. Of course, it's also pretty gross so that is probably a good thing!

Annie and Megan both learned to fish! I was excited about this because I used to enjoy fishing when I was their age. They are already looking forward to spring when we can get out there again!

I took the girls to see pureNRG during our church's Momentum week. If you haven't heard of them, they are a group of three teens (one boy and two girls) who are out there singing music that is positive and enforces Christian values. All I can really say about the concert is that it was LOUD! Lots of tween girls screaming....

We visited a local farm for some "Fall" fun. Of course, it was close to 100 degrees so there wasn't much "Fall" fun to be had. We basically stood around and roasted.
Megan has finally begun reading! We have tried several reading programs but none of them have seemed to work. We ended up trying Hooked on Phonics and she is reading! This is a photo of her holding her first book that she read on her very own...it's called "Cat".

Lily had her first day of preschool! I can't believe my three year old is old enough to be in preschool! The great news is that she is loving it!

Annie has been busy building her own robots! She is even programming them! She seems to be taking after her Daddy, the mechanical engineer.

We have visited the zoo several times. Annie and Megan both tried the Sky Walk and loved it! I was amazed at how fearless they both were.

We studied Ancient Egypt and the first forms of writing. Annie and Meg rolled out their own stone tablets and wrote their names using hiroglyphics.


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  2. Good to see you post! Looks like lots of fun.....
    Can't believe how big Lily and Noah have grown!

  3. Lots of GREAT pictures here!

    I don't know how you could stand going to Huber's in that heat. I remember the day you went because you posted it on Facebook, and boy, was it a steamy Fall day! :-( Hopefully next October, you can have a do-over!