Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still plugging away...

I am still here. Sorry I haven't posted recently. Believe it or not, life with four kids is kind of busy. We have been out and about a bit more since the temps have been cooler. Let's see...

Last Thursday, Noah had his 18mo. check up. I am proud to say that he has plumped up a bit! Up until now, he has been hovering between the 3rd and 7th percentile in weight. This time, however, he is at the 23rd percentile! He is a solid 24lbs.! It doesn't surprise me, the boy eats like a fiend. His meal portions are as big as his sisters' and he is still begging for more when his plate is clean! He is still around the 50th percentile for height. I know that Carlos was hoping he would be taller, but I kind of like my tiny peanut. I think it's because I know he is my last baby and I am treasuring all the "baby" stuff so much. So, if he stays smaller longer...that's fine by me.

Saturday the kids all got promoted to their new rooms at church! It was so strange. Annie is now in the 3rd grade room, which she loves because it has video game systems! Meg is in the pink 1st grade room. I don't think she is too thrilled about it. I believe most of her friends were put into the orange first grade room. When I picked her up after service she was crying and hanging onto the teacher's leg. She has been a bit wonky about going to church as of late. I am hoping it's just a phase. Lily is now in a preschool room! She got to leave the room to go to childrens' chapel, which she loved! She's such a big girl! Noah moved up to the 2yr. old room. He hated it, but that's not unusual. He hated the 1yr. old room too. Whatever the reason, he just does not enjoy being separated from Mommy and Daddy. You would think after going to church for months he would get the idea by now. I guess he is trying to hold onto his babyhood too.

Lily and I went shopping on Sunday. It's become sort of a tradition lately. She and I buzz out on Sunday morning and do the weekly shopping. It's been nice to spend that one on one time with her. I don't often get a chance to do that. We had an interesting trip to Target. Lily was sitting in the cart and got a bit overzealous and ended up head butting me in the face, which caused me to get a bloody nose! Sounds fun, huh? She was crying because she was scared and I was crying because it REALLY hurt! I bet we were a sight! A cookie and a balloon at Kroger calmed her down and I had to settle for some Oreos. I think we both made out well.

We went to the library on Monday. We managed to come home with a ton of books, which kept the kids busy most of yesterday. They are all turning into little bookworms. Especially Annie! She is totally in love with books. Her latest obsession is audio books. She listened to the first book in the Little House series last week and this week she is continuing on with the rest of the series. We went to the park one day last week and she and Meg collected acorns so they could bring them home to use as cups for their dolls! So sweet.

We have been plugging away at school. I am still on the hunt for a reading curriculum for Megan that will actually excite her. We tried Abeka last year and she was bored to tears. We have been using Teach Your Child to Read in a 100 Easy Lessons this year and she isn't fond of it. I am thinking of trying Hooked on Phonics but haven't settled on it for sure. Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, I guess my computer time is over. The kids are finished with breakfast and begging for umpteen zillion things....must go attend to them. Until later....

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