Saturday, August 14, 2010

More than I expected

I surprised myself and actually managed to accomplish school several days this week! I thought for sure that we would get very little done with a house full of sick kids. Surprise! Surprise!

I am really excited about this school year! I am loving our History and Science curriculums! We opted to use The History of the World this year and it has been a lot of fun. The way this particular curriculum works is that you spend one school year studying one particular time period in history. We are just beginning so we are starting off with Volume I, which covers Ancient History, which is something I actually know very little about. I am not sure if it was just something that was never covered well when I attended school or if it was taught and I just forgot/didn't pay attention. Whatever the reason, I am psyched about filling my head, along with my girls', with all this new information. We began by learning about the first people and have progressed on to learn about Ancient Egypt. This week we will be learning about hieroglyphics and we will make our own clay tablets with our names written in hieroglyphics! Neat, huh? We will also be doing various other projects that tie into our lessons as the year progresses. Later this month or next, we will be making our own mummy out of a chicken!

We are using Apologia, Exploring Creation through Astronomy for our science curriculum this year. This is also an area where I don't have much knowledge. Sure, I know the basics but no real information beyond that. We will be building our own model of the solar system this week! I can't wait.

I am just really excited about our homeschool year! I am also excited because Lily will be heading off to preschool in the Fall. It will be her first year and she will attend two mornings per week. She is very excited. I am looking forward to the time with the other kids and I am thrilled that Lily is finally getting to do something that is just for her. Of course, I will probably sniffle quite a bit on the first day or two as I drop her off.

So, in a nutshell I am so thrilled that we were actually able to accomplish a bit of school this week and that I and the kids are pumped about some of our new curriculum choices. I will try to post more regularly with updates about our fun homeschool activities!

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  1. So glad you got some school done this week! It's amazing to me that you managed to do so, even with a bunch of sickies in your family -- kudos to you!!

    There are several subjects that I'm excited to learn about this year too, along with Bailey. She'll be doing the Apologia Anatomy curriculum at the cottage school she's going to on Thursdays, but I'll definitely be reading along in the book when she's not using it. :-)