Friday, September 11, 2009

Bread and Warthogs

You may be asking yourself "what do bread and warthogs have to do with anything?". Well, those are two of things that have been keeping me busy these days.

My wonderful husband and I celebrated eight years of marriage in August and we asked for/received a breadmaker. Yes, my husband wanted a breadmaker. It makes perfect combines his love of bread with something electronic. So, I have been busy baking bread! Who would have thought? I love my new breadmaker! Take a look at this beauty....

I have discovered how to make my own cinnamon raisin bread! It's very little work and it tastes divine! I am anxoius to try out another recipe I bread. That just screams Fall, doesn't it?

Warthogs have also played a part in keeping me busy. Last weekend I spent the morning with my baby girl, Lily, at the Louisville Zoo. She and I took a Zoo class together and it was great fun. We learned about how animals move. I think the highlight for her was the craft and getting the chance to pet a snake! Yep, my precious little girl loved touching the snake better than petting the super soft bunny rabbit. Yikes!

After petting various critters and watching two year olds fight over paint daubers, we went on a zoo walk. We managed to see the baby giraffe, the snoozing rhinos and the warthogs. These critters are ALWAYS tucked away and we never get to see them, however, it must have been the cooler temps that brought them out. They are quite unattractive critters but fascinating nonetheless.

I would like to say that I will do better at blogging more often, but that would probably be a bit of a lie. At the present moment I am quite busy. It is honestly hard to find a spare moment. My husband's parents are visiting us from Colombia so we are using all of our free time to enjoy their company. We are also knee deep in homeschooling and that keeps us going from morning until night. So, I will try to do better but I make no promises.

Speaking of the mother-in-law is wicked with a crochet hook. Check out what she is making for the girls! They wanted hats to match their American Girl Doll, Kit. Isn't that cute?

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  1. I'm just happy to read whenever you do get time to post.