Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break

We finished up Fall Break yesterday.  Today it's back to school.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I certainly enjoyed relaxing for a week.  It was nice not to have to set the alarm.  I was able to finish a couple of books.  I did some cleaning and organizing, which were badly needed.  However, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine....following a schedule each day.  So, what did we do over Fall Break?

I took Claire and Noah to the pediatrician's office.  Claire needed to have her eczema checked and get a new cream.  Noah ended up having bronchitis, which required an antibiotic to send it packing.  He finished his antibiotic yesterday and he is doing better.  He still has a lingering cough but he is eating well and more energetic. 
I seem to have caught some sort of cold.  I have had a yucky cough for four or five days.  I am hoping I don't end up at the doctor's office, but I have a sinking feeling I won't be able to avoid it.  I think I have a case of bronchitis going on. 
So, most of our Fall Break involved staying inside and resting.  We watched lots of movies, read lots of books and worked on puzzles.  Sounds kind of lame but it wasn't.  It was nice to just be together.  I did take the kids to Target and out to lunch on Friday to break up the monotony of the week.  They seemed to enjoy the little outing. 

I took this photo of Annie before church yesterday.  She looks so grown up to me!  I just bought her these boots and they have a small heel, so she is almost as tall as I am when she wears them!  Yikes!

Claire let me put a bow in her hair yesterday!  Normally she tears them out the second I put them in but this one survived for several hours. 

The rest of my gang before church yesterday.  For once they were all wearing cute outfits that we could all agree on.  Normally my Sunday mornings involve an argument with at least one child about what I picked out for them to wear to church.  It's either too tight, too loose, too itchy, too pink, too babyish, etc.... 

We were fortunate enough to have Natalie Grant lead worship at our church this weekend.  She is one of my favorite Christian singers so it was such a treat to start my Sunday off hearing her sing.  Megan is the music lover amongst our children, so she was eager to meet Natalie and get her autograph.  Natalie was so sweet to Megan and it just made her day. 

When we came home from church, Noah and I promptly put on our Steelers gear!  My team has had a lousy season so far and yesterday we played the Baltimore Ravens....big rivalry.  None of my kids actually like to watch football but they all know how Mommy feels about the Steelers so they jump on the bandwagon.  My hope is that as they get older I will find one football fan among the five.  Carlos doesn't like watching sports so I am on my own for now when it comes to cheering for my favorite teams.  The great news is that my boys in black and gold won!  It was a nail biter of a game and I was so nervous that we were going to loose.  It was so great when they pulled off the win!  It certainly made my week.  I went to bed last night all smiles.
So, that was our Fall Break.  It wasn't glamorous or exciting but it was relaxing.  My Mom arrives today.  She will be spending the week with us.  The kids are beyond excited.  Now, I just need to get them through the school day.  :)

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