Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Lately

 Life Lately
We started school for the year!  I am now teaching a sixth grader, a fourth grader and a first grader!  I am praying that I am up to the task.  This is my first year homeschooling three children. 

The kids have been trying to squeeze every last drop out of summer.  The older kids have been swimming in the pool almost daily and Claire has been getting lots of use out of her water table.  Of course, we will still have summer temps for another month but now that we have gone back to school there will be less free time for such activities. 

We have been visiting local parks!  It's nice that my gang are all old enough that visiting a park isn't as stressful.  Yes, Claire can still get into to trouble at age two but the other four are good to go.  I can now spend time pushing Claire on the swings and not have to worry about one of the other kids injuring themselves in some major way.  My daughter, Megan, has dance class every Thursday afternoon and our church's playground is right around the corner, so we have spent lots of time playing there in the shade of the trees while Megan dances her little heart out.
I have also spent the last couple of weeks getting everything ready for our upcoming school year.  I completely revamped the classroom and planned out my lessons until Christmas.  It took a lot of time but I am happy with the results.
So, that's our life lately. 

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