Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling Crafty

My Mom is here this week for a visit. That translates into a bit of free time for me! As of late I have become a bit addicted to Pinterest. If you are not familiar with Pinterest then you probably have a lot more free time on your hands than I do. You probably also don't feel compelled to craft, bake and organize within an inch of your life.

I have been using my free time to do a bit of shopping, a bit of reading and a bit of crafting. I am a novice crafter at best. I often try my hand at something only to have it turn out nothing like it should...that goes for crafts, sewing, cooking and you name it. I wish I could say that I had true talent in one thing. I take that back. I do have true talent at failing equally in any number of crafty pursuits.

Today, I got it into my head to make some spring art for my fireplace mantle. So, I got out my trusty glue gun and my fabric stash. This is what I pulled together:

I love it! I am so psyched that I made something that I actually like! It was quite simple to do and if I can do it then anybody can. All I did was glue a piece of fabric to a piece of cardboard that I cut a bit smaller than the back of the frame. I then freehanded a little bird onto another piece of fabric and glued that to the base. I did the same with the wing and then I used some yarn for the feet. Easy!

I have some more crafty projects that I want to tackle this afternoon. Hopefully, I am on a streak and they will turn out well!


  1. That is adorable!! LOVE IT! (I am glad I'm not on Pinterest because I don't need another distraction it is I do.)

  2. Obviously, I'm way behind on your blog - please forgive me!)

    This is impressive, Shelby! If I was inclined to shop on Etsy, and I saw this in your Etsy shop (if you had one), I would buy it and hang it in my house!

    I'm just like you -- equally bad at all forms of arts and crafts that I attempt. And I was just good enough at certain things early in life that I made up my mind long ago to ONLY do things I'm good at. This was a very bad decision, because now, at the ripe old age of 41, I rarely try new things because I never learned the fine art of Starting Off Badly, Practicing, and Improving. Instead, I toss things aside in frustration if I don't excel at them right away. Bad!!!

    Anyway, kudos to you for NOT being like I am in that respect!