Monday, November 7, 2011

It's that time of year again...

I love to be organized and on top of things. It drives me bonkers if I am running behind or forgetting things. So, with five kids this year, I am getting my Christmas shopping started now. I don't want to be stressing out over Christmas gifts the week before Christmas and I have found that if the majority of my shopping is done by Thanksgiving then it makes it easier for me to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Here is what my kids are asking for/getting this year:


She is really into Squinkies. I think she has well over a hundred of them and I could be way off on that total...there could be more. So, one thing she will be getting is the Squinkie Zoo playset. I think she will have many hours of fun with this. Right now she is on that cusp between childhood and preteen drama. I am guessing that next year there won't even be a toy on the radar. So, she wants this toy and I am going to make sure she gets it. I want her to prolong her childhood as long as possible and enjoy being a little girl. On that note, here is what else Annie is getting for Christmas....

She is an avid reader and this is what she wants. I am planning to order her the basic Kindle without the ads. I will also throw in a few books for her as well so she can start enjoying it right away.


I honestly don't have very many ideas for Megan. She has asked for Barbies but I really don't want to bring anymore Barbies into this house. We have two huge drawers full of them right now and one more naked doll is not on the top of my list to buy for my daughter. I am sure I will give in and buy at least one doll....probably the holiday one.

She has also asked for more make-up. Also another thing I don't really want to buy. Make-up in our house either ends up all over the younger kids or in too great a quantity on Megan. I have had enough with the battles about why we can't look like a street walker before heading to church.

She enjoys playing her DSi so I did buy her a few games for that (used). We also got a PS3 as a family this year so I may buy her a game for that as well. I really hate to only buy electronic items though. I am hoping that inspiration will strike in the next week or so. Any fun ideas for a total girly girl?


Bless her heart, but Lily is just happy with anything. She enjoys playing with her little brother's toys as much as she does her own. If you take her to the store she will put anything and everything on her Christmas list. She is going to get the Squinkie Adventure Mall because she is also a Squinkies fan and has been asking for this for months.

She will probably end up with a new DS game or two so that she isn't always taking her sisters' games and erasing their progress.

Another thing she has asked for is this:
Like I said, she is pretty much happy with anything. :)


Noah, is the easiest kid to shop for this year! He is all about Super Heroes so it has been a breeze! He is getting Super Hero bedding for his bed along with new curtains, a cool Captain America pillow and some cool Batman pjs to wear. He is also getting a few Super Hero action figures and a helmet and hammer from Thor.

My favorite gift for him is this:
I think I will enjoy it more than he will! I also bought him every figure I could find to go with it. I am anxious to introduce my little man to the awesomeness that is Star Wars!


It has been hard to come up with ideas for Claire. She is girl #4 in this family and we are pretty much set when it comes to baby/girl toys. I did buy her a little entertainer for her crib as well as a little baby doll, but that is about it. We have had the original Leap Frog Learning Table since when Annie was a baby, so I was thinking of updating that. However, I have a hard time spending money on a toy we essentially already have and that works fine. Like Megan, I am hoping inspiration will strike soon.

As for Carlos and myself....well the hubby wants a new winter coat so I am going to make that happen. I am not sure what else he wants. I am going to guess clothes. It's so rare that he buys himself clothing that he is overdue for a lot of new items. I am gunning for a Kindle Fire! I am pretty sure that is what I want and I am trying to make myself hold off on ordering one until I see how others like their's. I don't know if I can though. :)

So, there you have it. The Herrera Family Christmas list. I like to write it down so in the years to come I can look back and see what my kids were into and what was popular. So, what's on your list?


  1. I know your time is limited, but how about "girly-time" certificates for Megan? Like a "free manicure from mom." I don't know how you feel about Club Tabby in Oxmoor, but she could get her nails done for $5 there.

    Does she have one of those doll head toys that she can make-up and do it's hair?

  2. I like Carrie's suggestions and add my endorsement to them. :-) And yes, early Christmas shopping is definitely the way to go. I've done early and I've done All December Shopping, and wow. The difference in my state of mind and heart during Advent is amazing.