Monday, June 6, 2011

Alive and Well

I honestly didn't mean to neglect this blog quite so much. Life just got in the way and I am all about living life rather than sitting at the computer blogging. I may check Facebook and my email twenty times a day but to actually sit down and blog is something I find hard to fit in. So, what have we been up to?

We have been plugging away with homeschooling. My original intent was to take the months of June, July and August off, however, I have since decided to keep right on trucking as long as I can. I figure that if we school for most of the month of June then I can take even more time off once the baby arrives next month! Of course, even better would be if I had a great delivery and could jump back into schooling mid-August! That would mean that we would have a lot of flexibility the rest of the school year! I find that prospect exciting!

Annie is doing really well with her math...finally. She still doesn't love it but she has learned that it's a necessary evil so she keeps working hard. We have added in more grammar, spelling and dictionary skills the last few weeks and those have been a nice change of pace for her. Something new to occupy her mind and keep her on her toes.

Meg is hanging in there with her reading. She just lacks confidence. She is always so shocked when she realizes that she can read something. In her mind, she still thinks of herself as a non-reader, when in fact, she can read! I just keep encouraging her and hoping she will eventually develop more confidence in her reading abilities. She has really gotten into drawing lately. We have checked out several books from the library about drawing and sketching and most evenings you can find her at the kitchen table with a drawing pad and pencil where she tries to follow the instructions in the book. Her Abuelita is quite artisic so I am guessing she is getting this trait from her. I can hardly draw a stick figure so it sure isn't coming from me!

Lily had a rough finish to her first year of preschool. She has been beyond clingy with me and the last few weeks she refused to go to school. It's so hard to see my normally independent little girl like this. She is even refusing to go to her Sunday school room at church, which she normally loves. All she wants is to be with Mommy all the time. I am guessing she is feeling a bit insecure about the baby's arrival, so I am doing all I can to reassure her. One thing that has helped is that I have started doing "school" with her as well. She has been working through a preschool workbook each day and that really seems to occupy her and keep her happy. I know she will make a great big sister to Claire once it's all said and done though.

Noah has entered the terrible two's with a vengance! He is a little monster most days. Don't get me wrong, he is still the most loving little boy around, but when he decides to act up it's awful! One minute he will be cuddling on the couch with me and giving me kisses and five minutes later he is having an all out fit because he isn't getting his way about something. I know that the girls went through this as well but they were always dramatic and loud to begin with so it wasn't too shocking. Noah, however, has always been so laid back and sweet tempered so this feels like it's coming out of left field. This too shall pass though.

I am doing well. I have officially reached the point in pregnancy when it's just no fun. I am huge and everything hurts. The heat is driving me over the edge! I think I am going to end up freezing the family this last month of pregnancy. I have the house AC set low, a window unit AC in my bedroom, the ceiling fan on high and a tabletop fan blowing directly on me and I am still hot! The kids are always tucked up under fleece blankets and I am laying around like a whale sweating. It's quite the scene. I have about four or five more weeks to go. I keep telling myself that I should be enjoying this time because it's going to be so much harder once Claire joins us, however, it's hard to trump the misery I am feeling on a daily basis. Someone please remind me of this a month or two from now. :)

We have had a few medical issues as well, but that's a separate post.... For now, just know that we are happy and doing fine. :)

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  1. Can't believe Claire is almost here! You'll have even less time to blog then.....