Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did I miss winter?

The temps have been rather spring like the last few days and the forcast is calling for more of the same. Did I somehow miss winter and the entire holiday season? I suppose I shouldn't complain. It is nice to send the kids outside to burn off excess energy. Annie told me a few days ago that she is so tired of being cooped up inside! Poor dear! I explained to her that we were only getting started in the cooped up inside season. It's nice to be wrong though. As I sit and type this, I am listening to my three girls tromp through the crunchy leaves in our woods and giggle about their discoveries. It's all rather nice.

I took all three girls to the dentist this morning. I made the appointment for 8am? Who does that? What sane mother does something so foolish? In order to get all four kids and myself ready and out the door, we were up at 6am. That's early for this homeschooling family! We usually start tumbling out of bed closer to 8am. I was a bit stressed getting everyone out the door and into the van but I managed. I had been concerened about Lily's teeth. She has several cavities on her bottom molars that have perplexed me. She has the same eating habits as her sisters as well as the same brushing habits....they have never had cavities. The good news is that the dentist said they were very shallow and had basically stopped decaying, so we don't even need to fill them! Yeah! For now, we will keep an eye on them. Once again, Annie and Meg are cavity free! Noah will get his first dental check up this spring when the girls go back for their next cleaning.

Carlos is taking a four day weekend starting tomorrow! I am so excited! We have several little projects to do around the house, so I am hoping we can check a few of those off. I also suggested he go ahead and hang the Christmas lights. I figure it's better to do it now than wait two weeks and do it when it's 32 degrees outside. Makes sense, right? He didn't seem to see it that way. I imagine I will have to do a bit of nagging to get it accomplished. Poor man.

I have my first OB appointments set up! I am seeing the nurse for my health history and lab work right after Thanksgiving and I will see my OB a few days after Christmas! I should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at that appointment...I can't wait! I had to drag out the maternity clothes yesterday. I suppose that's what happens when you get to pregnancy number five. I am only about six weeks along and I am already wearing maternity jeans! Good grief!


  1. I've done that too. Make doctor appointments WAY to early in the day. Maybe it's to just get the torture over and done with????

  2. Yeah, an 8am appointment would really throw me for a loop, especially if I had to take the kids with me! I can imagine that you were kicking yourself.

    And I'm glad that you all get up around 8:00 as well. That's about when we get up (on days we don't have to take Audrey to school), and sometimes I feel a bit lazy. Most of the other families I know with young kids are much earlier risers.

    Did you see my comment about Indian Summer on Facebook earlier this week? I go verbally beat up for saying something bad about the "nice" weather! :-)