Monday, December 7, 2009

One more makes seven!

We have added another member to our family. Meet Rosita Grace Herrera....

Rosita, aka Rosie, is a white purebred boxer from Big Mac Boxers outside of Cincinatti, OH. Carlos has been wanting a boxer ever since I met him so we decided to go ahead and add to the chaos of our house. Rosie came home with us on Saturday night and has been getting plenty of love ever since. Annie is totally in love with her and spent most of yesterday with the dog snuggling or playing. Lily and Noah also seem to be some of Rosie's biggest fans. Megan is a bit more standoffish. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that the puppy diverts attention away from her and not so much that she doesn't like dogs.

It's been challenging trying to take care of four kids and a new puppy but we are hanging in there. Last night was tough because Rosie is not a big fan of spending the night in her crate. I believe she woke us up more than any of the kids did as newborns! I know that Carlos and I are both exhausted this morning. I can only hope that in a week we will have her used to her crate and sleeping well.

Rosie is a European Boxer so she will top out at about 85lbs. when she is full grown...big girl. Right now though she is just a bundle of velvet and love.

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