Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun in the Sun

I have nothing groundbreaking to blog about. We spent our weekend outside, for the most part. We took the girls to E.P. Tom Sawyer Park on Friday night to burn off a bit of energy. I was a bit sad to see that the park has become somewhat run down. I suppose that's what happens when there are budget cuts left and right. The girls still had a marvelous time though.

We went to a pool party on Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you that taking five children to a pool party is a bit stressful. We had an extra two year old with us for the day because one of my friends was having a baby so we were watching their daughter, Ava. So, we had to keep an eye on Annie and Megan, who think that they know how to swim. In reality, they know how to stay afloat with a swim jacket on. I think we were there about two minutes before Meg simply stepped off the edge of the pool and calmly sunk. Thank goodness Carlos was there to drag her out! We paired off with the two year olds because they were too much for one adult to handle. Lily wanted nothing to do with being held so I let Carlos wrestle with her. I took care of Ava, who weighs all of about five pounds soaking wet. She wasn't hard to tote around but she was fearless, which is frightening in a two year old near a deep pool. I had to watch her like a hawk! She was out of the pool and jumping back in about a zillion and one times. We were also keeping an ear out for Noah, who was snoozing calmly inside the house.

The good news is, that after an hour or so, we were doing much better. Annie and Megan were getting better at staying afloat and swimming a bit. We found a stellar combo for Lily...swim vest and water wings. This allowed her a bit more freedom in the water. Ava was tuckered out and had no interest in getting back in the pool. She was content to sit on my lap while I nursed Noah. By the time we got everyone home, fed and showered we were exhausted. The upside is that all the kids passed out and slept like rocks!


  1. Children sleeping like rocks is a little slice of heaven!

  2. Thanks so much for sending us Petrino :-). We're very glad to have him. Your kids are so cute. Good luck with the homeschooling!